Are your associates like goldfish? If your company is like a fish bowl, how often do you change the water?

Goldfish are limited in growth to the size of the bowl, but when fish are in open water there is much more opportunity for growth based upon the environment. Often, the environments created at companies are the exact reason that great ideas don’t spread.

Your "goldfish" will only grow as big as the opportunities you give to them or teach them. YPA has "goldfish development programs" that result in ideal fish performance and productivity, which for you equals PROFITS!

two goldfish speaking into a microphone


Do you need a compelling, authentic and inspiring speaker? One who knows how to expertly connect with your goldfish while educating and entertaining them? You’ve come to the right place...

goldfish jumping out of water


When your goldfish really need to raise their level of learning, have you been challenged in trying to figure out where to turn? Our fun and compelling training will have your fish striving for new heights!

goldfish speaking into microphone to other goldfish


Have you identified what needs attention, but you’ve arrived at that place of, “Now what?” Have you been hoping for that magic solution to appear? Here we are! We pick up where you leave off.

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