At Yvette Poole & Associates, we know that training retention occurs when the training is memorable, fun and interactive. We have a strong foundation in activity-based learning, with programs that involve the audience and allow them to practice their skills during the sessions.

YPA can deliver our standard programs for you or can customize a training for your company. We are an invaluable resource for start-up companies who do not have a training department, or for established companies that need an additional training resource.

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I have had the unique opportunity to attend workshops with Yvette Poole & Associates many times. They truly set the gold standard by bringing an abundance of heart and soul to everything they do. Rest assured you can leave your boredom at the door because every moment is jam packed with fun and innovative ways to drive the point home. From critical thinking to simply being a better version of yourself, there is a takeaway for everyone. Being in Management means we need to think fast and focus on the small details as well as the big picture every day. Through their training I have learned the true value of teamwork, mentoring, and thinking outside the box. I have learned a lot about myself during their engaging and entertaining workshops and use the tools I have learned in both my career and personal life on a regular basis. I bring it home by encouraging my team to do so as well.  Thank you, Yvette Poole & Associates!

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