Emotional Intelligence

How well do your goldfish play together? Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – the ability to recognize emotions as they surface throughout the day and to manage them effectively – is what ensures more productive goldfish interactions.

Your goldfish are constantly reacting to situations around them, when they feel disconnected, unheard, or threatened in some (perceived) way.

No need to separate them! Building a higher EQ will help them reduce stress and work better with the other fish for maximum performance.

Valerie M. Sargent holds an Emotional Intelligence certification by TalentSmart on this topic. We conduct two levels of one-day EQ classes (Mastering EQ – Level I and Level II), and provide EQ appraisals, EQ Executive Coaching and EQ Trial Consultation as well. This is definitely one of our most popular keynote or educational session subjects! Reach out for more information.

Valerie's EQ training was informative, inspiring, topical and insightful. Her use of video clips, group activities and real-life examples kept us engaged and created a lasting impact on us as a company and us as individuals! Valerie's passionate and entertaining coaching style has us excited about working with her in the future!

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